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True Commitments

At True Lacrosse, nothing is more rewarding than seeing our players realize their dreams and gain entry to the college or university of their choice to continue their lacrosse career. We are tireless in our efforts to guide our players to achieving this goal, and our players are equally committed to their game and their education. Below is the list of True Lacrosse players who have gone on to play at the collegiate level.

Pittsburgh Girls Commitments

2022 Commitments

Lydia Toparli - Duquense University (DI)
Kellen Fletcher - University of Akron (DI)
Josie Jones - Seton Hill University (DII)
Sarah Cyphers - Indiana University of Pennsylvania (DII)

2021 Commitments

Brianna Lang - University of Louisville (DI)
Alyssa Juzwick - Merrimack College (DI)
Skye Deprado - Central Michigan University (DI)
Olivia Edkins - University of Akron (DI)
Haleigh Albrecht - Lafayette College (DI)
Jillian Stennett - Indiana University of Pennsylvania (DII)
Alyssa Redshaw - Seton Hill University (DII)
Maggie Anderson - Edinboro University (DII)
Morgan Millitary - Edinboro University (DII)
Felicia Young - Alderson Broaddus (DII)
Elsa Gordon - Wesleyan University (DIII)
Ellie Hughes - Haverford College (DIII)
Madison Recker - Rhodes College (DIII)
Ellie Zack - Swarthmore College (DIII)
Courtney Spiering - La Roche University (DIII)

2020 Commitments

Emily Coughlin - University of Pittsburgh (DI)
Noelle Boyd - University of Akron (DI)
Mikaela Staranko - Youngstown State University (DI)
Ashley Sullivan - Rollins College (DII)
Kendra Delissio - Gannon University (DII)
Rylee Wilson - Indiana University of Pennsylvania (DII)
Carli Chini - Seton Hill University (DII)
Taylor Young - Alderson Broaddus (DII)
Vivian Somes - Baldwin Wallace (DIII)
Madeline Dunda - Calvin College (DIII)
Tea Smith - LaRoche University (DIII)
Morgan Mills - Life University (NAIA0
Caitlyn Watson - Edinboro University (DII)
Chelsi Iarussi - Indiana University of Pennsylvania (DII)

PA Valley Girls Commitments

2023 Commitments

Paige Jenkins - Slippery Rock University (DII)
Sophie Engelhardt - Siena College (DI)
Teegan Lannon - Xavier University (DI)
Addie Weidner - Farleigh Dickinson University (DI)
Kendal Hippert - Farleigh Dickinson University (DI)
Hannah Schneider - Shenandoah University (DIII)
Anielle Morgan-Casper - Newberry College (DII)

2022 Commitments

Sarah Schultz - Kings College (DIII)
Emilee Schultz - Kings College (DIII)
Rachel Kulp - RPI (DIII)
Emma Gray - Eastern Michigan University (DI)
Jada Carter - Bethany College (DIII)
Sarah Osmun - Lock Haven University (DII)

2021 Commitments

Lindsay Geiger - Lafayette College (DI)