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True Lacrosse Pittsburgh Boys


At the Youth and High School Levels True Lacrosse is committed to developing athletic ability while also focusing on academic achievement and personal character.  We provide a far more interactive program for players looking to excel in the abovementioned categories.

Coaching Makes a Difference

  •  Every Coach involved with the True Lacrosse Travel Program has excelled at the game of lacrosse at the collegiate level and has firsthand knowledge of the recruiting process. We are proud to have more than 75 years of playing and coaching experience at the NCAA Level.
  • Many of our coaches have played professionally and internationally at the highest levels. True Lacrosse owners Jake Deane and Mike Gabel currently play on the #1 ranked MLL Chesapeake Bayhawks. 
  •  Each of our coaches is aware that they are responsible for being invested in each player’s progress on the field, in school, and in life.
  • A True Lacrosse Travel Coach is as much a mentor as a coach; expect consistent communication that will include examples and explanation of team concepts and individualized critique of your performance.

True Lacrosse Facilities

True Lacrosse has an amazing facility in Pittsburgh (PISA) with indoor training areas. Teams and individual players will be invited outside of their normal offsite practices to work with our knowledgeable staff.  This includes player/coach meetings, position specific training, film review, additional team training. Players are also encouraged to schedule time at either of these facilities to work on their own game.

Full Time Administrative Staff

True Lacrosse employs a full time administrative staff concerned with providing a personal experience for both players and parents. We encourage that questions be directed to us so that we can address each instance individually and provide careful attention. From unique travel arrangements to stick stringing True Lacrosse works to ensure that we will always have an answer to your Travel Team Program related questions. 

Proven Results

True Lacrosse has helped over 95 players train for, get recruited to, and excel at NCAA Division I,II, and III Lacrosse.  We work closely with each player to ensure that their scholastic objectives and athletic abilities combine to get them recruited to their school of interest. 

We Care

Over the past five years the National True Lacrosse Travel Program has been fortunate to develop into one of nations leading Travel Lacrosse Clubs. During that same time span we have receive valuable feedback from our customers and competitors and have continued to concern ourselves with carefully listening and adapting to the demands of the individual athlete, family, and Pittsburgh lacrosse market. At True Lacrosse we want every player who puts on an Travel Team jersey to have a positive memorable experience. We understand that this experience resides far beyond the final whistle and we value our impact in shaping the character of the man or woman that they become. To us, lacrosse is not just a game, it is a medium by which we teach the value of education, positive communication, and a strong moral code. 

True Travel Team

 "The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital."

The benefit of being a True Lacrosse Travel Team member is not measured in the tournaments attended, the jerseys worn, or traveling done. It is measured in the time and effort put in, practice is where success begins. True Lacrosse Travel Teams are about committing time on the practice field and getting better day by day. We create value in our program by offering continuity throughout the year with a venue to work hard and learn. 

Our players are asked to commit time over the span of the year to get better at lacrosse. We don't ask our athletes to quit other sport, rather encourage them to continue fall and winter sports. We do ask them to push them selves a little harder by giving us a day in the depths of winter to pick up and stick and start working on what will win us games when we travel to our respective tournaments. We offer 70 some odd hours of practice time over the year and taking advantage of that time is paramount to continued development as a player. 

Traveling teams are nothing new in Pittsburgh, however the year round approach is uncommon. Giving our players a whole year to be together we can truly develop them and help them achieve their potential. Lacrosse is a sport where time off is time lost. 


Jason Rozembersky

Director - True Lacrosse PA

Phone: (603)831-9694