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Box League - SOUTH

ONLY 30 SPOTS per Division


Our Youth and High School Box Leagues are open to players who are new to the sport, or may prefer a more individual/direct approach from the coaching staff.  By focusing on the basics players are able to build a platform from which to grow their experience and skill level.  Player Development is the most important aspect of youth lacrosse, and True Lacrosse is dedicated to helping young athletes realize and reach their full potential.

Training over the fall/winter provides a continuity/consistency that is necessary for any player looking to improve their skills and knowledge of the game, especially at the youth level.  Our box leagues will provide athletes with a 20 minute training session directly followed by two 20 minute halves of game play to ensure maximum exposure to the new skills and techniques teams will be working on over the course of the league.

Divisions: U11,U13, U15, High School

Sessions: 8 - 1 hr sessions

Days: Tuesdays 10/28 – 12/23 (off 11/25)

Times: 6:00pm - 10:00pm - Schedule RotatingWeekly




$125 - individual player - plus small processing fee

Goalies are free!


What is Box Lacrosse and why does it improve your field lacrosse game

Box Lacrosse is different from playing indoor field lacrosse. 

  • 5 on 5 play plus a padded goalie
  • 15 players per team
  • 4x4 goals (regular field goal is 6 x 6)
  • More flowing game
  • No one "stays back"
  • No long poles
  • Goalies wear big pads

Advantages of box lacrosse over indoor field lacrosse.

  • Smaller goals force players to get closer to net rather than relying on outside shots
  • Not having defenders and attack stay back get you in better shape and make more well rounded players learning both offensive and defensive skills
  • Long poles learn to use feet and body to play defense and don't rely solely on stick checks
  • Goalies learn to use their body to make more saves
  • Learn the use of stick fakes and quick precision passing


Common Questions

My son plays goalie.  Do I need to buy him box pads?

No.  True Lacrosse will be supplying the additional chest protector and leggings.  We provide goalie pads for all box goalies.  Teams are responsible for providing their own goalie

Who will be my coach?

True will be using some friends from North of the Border to teach box specific lacrosse skills.  This game is most popular in Canada so we've brought in some special help.

How many players play on a box team?

A typical team consists of 14-15 players.  Players get quickly gassed from the up and down pace of the game.  You need lots of subs.


Dan Shea

Dan Shea

League and Tournament Manager

Our Refund Policy

True Lacrosse has a no cash refunds policy.  In a circumstance where a refund is issued, it will be in the form of a credit valid for one year from issue date.

Procedures to receive Credit

  1. Fill out and submit the Refund Request Form and obtain a valid Medical Document if the request is due to injury.


  1. Send the Medical Document and Refund Request Form to address below.

Email to: refunds@truelacrosse.com

  1. True Lacrosse will respond within 10 business days with your refund status.

**No refunds will be given for weather cancellations or partial attendance** 

Weather Policy

True Lacrosse has no control over the weather. All events are planned and will be conducted rain or shine. The only time an event will be cancelled is due to a park district shutting down a field. There will not be any makeups due to a cancellation.